Top 5 Summer Salads

This summer hasn't been the warmest or the brightest but that doesn't stop us from enjoying all the things we love about the season. The best parts of summer are BBQ's, eating delicious food, and fun with friends and family. While we all want to have fun and let loose during this season but sometimes we forget that it's also important to stay balanced. That's why we put together our life of Top 5 Summer Salads that give us the pop of fun we need, while still giving us that delicious summer fix without the guilt! Which one is your favourite?  Tweet us at @mytributehome! 

Watermelon Avocado Salad - Photo courtesy of The Sophisticated Caveman
Triple Berry & Kale Salad - Photo courtesy of The Recipe Critic
Canteloupe & Mozerella Caprese Salad - Photo courtesy of Foodie Crush
Beetroot and Feta Salad - Photo courtesy of Scrambled Chefs
4 Bean Salad - Photo courtesy of Spicy Southern Kitchen

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